I'm waiting for Alberto to cool down.

He's all bark and no bite.

After seven years of wartime captivity, Harold was a broken man.

Was the Tatoeba site started by a Japanese person?

Judy is a most clever student.

It's better not to take candy from strangers.

The problem is that she is inexperienced.

I don't care for beer.

Clyde wanted to die.

I know when your birthday is.

He's really interested in biology.

Stephanie would have become a boxer if his mother had let him.

Few students can read Latin.

I'm missing you more than ever.

Why would we want to help Helge?

Check for old versions.

Barbara is a dwarf.

She isn't as stupid as she looks.

You're all adorable.

Marcos used the apples that Tuan gave her to make apple butter.

She wrote me four letters.

Monty mentioned it.

Are you going to sit with her?

His red face showed his anger.

Tatoeba: Better to make no sense than no sentence!


I'm still training her.

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I don't know whether my going there is worthwhile.

He has not yet recovered consciousness.

When he was 14, he started to plant strawberries.

Don't interrupt me while I'm speaking.

Sharing is important.

Generally, special forces are used in very specific and dangerous missions.

It seems that Jack is sick.

Would you like to play a game of Japanese chess?

You should be happy for her.

How big an idiot are you?

We have limited resources.


I must buy shoes.

Let's leave now before anyone changes their mind.

I still adore you guys.

Vilhelm never visits Pilar anymore.

I'll be with Julia if you need me.


Bruno was eliminated.

He grabbed my hand.

He should come right away!

Love is not enough.

Izchak just would not speak to anyone but you.

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I have forgiven him already.

I found this in her purse.

He's vile.

I ate lots of delicious, juicy ham last Christmas.

Of course, I didn't tell Hotta.


His maiden work established his reputation.

I hope I'm not intruding.

Smile and be happy!


Evan shared all his secrets with Tanya.


Don't ask what they're thinking. Ask what they're doing.


She looks odd in those clothes.

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She is wearing a brooch.


Ricardo is my first name.

Get your shit together!

I never had to worry about Celeste.

He said farewell as he was about to leave.

I cannot go to the stadium by myself.


I would love to go.


He is in want of money.


Who would want to help us?

When he got home, his wife was frying some delicious steaks.

Milner is trying to get Lila to leave.

We're meeting to discuss strategy.

It really was crowded.


It is possible for you to read this book in a few days.

Becky lives in a small house on the other side of town.

I may have to fire him.

I managed to acquire two tickets for the concert.

You're not actually going to do that, are you?

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Oxygen Mask: If extra oxygen masks are needed, the masks will arrive automatically. Pull down the mask and put it over your mouth and nose. Fasten the strap around your head and breathe normally. Put on your own mask before assisting others.

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I didn't even know that these sentiments still existed.


Call him an abyss - how deep he is!

A fire broke out at the inn where they were staying.

He cut himself with a knife yesterday.


Poor as she was, she gave him what little money she had.

A one-way ticket to Birmingham, please.

His opinions are in accord with ours.


London was a city built for the horse.

He submitted his resignation.

Patricia seemed like a nice guy at first.

Why should I take the risk?

I should've known Meehan had something to do with it.


His opinion doesn't count.


Brent bought Billy a car.

They'll take me away.

I don't want to watch TV.

When it clears up tomorrow it is good.

I can't believe he just did that.


He speaks French.

So she works at this factory, huh?

We think him to be very honest.

Hang the painting.

I was mortified.


Samuel didn't feel much like studying.

Why don't you stab me?

I'll attend.

Arne said he was calling from his cell phone.

Israel offers his glass to Lorenzo.

Hume is dead and buried now.

The little girl is not capable of riding a bicycle.

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I want to join Joe's group.

There is a pen.

What do you call your mother?

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Varda stopped drinking.

Emma checked out of the hotel.

He subido dos veces el monte Fuji.


I have no desire to understand what goes on inside your head.

It is going to rain all night.

Parents should be role models for their children.


The judge sentenced him to one year in prison.

Were you able to get any of the information we needed?

I just needed a minute.

Even if it was somebody else who made her happy, as long as she is happy, that's fine.

Can I get a goodnight kiss?

Hiromi goes to school five days a week.

That remains to be seen.


Manjeri probably has better things to do than sit around all day watching TV.


His plans always sound great in theory but they don't work in practice.


No doesn't need to be there until 2:30.

We must select one from among these applicants.

I think you might be happy here.


I'm studying French and web design.

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It is completely natural for her to be mad.

Her boyfriend cheated on her, but he denied it until she caught him.

I was unprepared.

The museum isn't open on Sundays.

Hughes looked into her crystal ball.

I'm still alive.

The racecourse was set in a valley, about a mile from the town centre.


I have an emergency here.

We moved into this house last month, but we still haven't settled down.

It has also been my honour to meet you.

How long do you think Vicki has been watching us?

Is there a problem with my order?

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That was not an earthquake.


I woke up on the sofa.

This video is magnificent!

I just can't memorize students' names.


Madonna is known to every high school student in Japan.

The killers are running away!

If only I could sing well.

We couldn't make it happen.

The world resources are limited.


He left the country to study.

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We feel we're the best.

I would like to have some pancakes now.

Greece, conquered, took captive her savage conqueror.

It's quite comfortable.

Nobody could decide as to what to do.


That doesn't please me at all.


Mikael was lanky and a bit uncoordinated as a child, but he was fairly good at basketball.