Where are you taking Dennis?

He withdrew in my favour.

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If that happens, give me a call.


Our house was broken into by burglars last night.

As far as I go, I'm a cook. The only thing I do is prepare the food.

What's your day off?

I want to clean the house before my parents come.

I never want to have kids.


I was in better shape back then.

Please help Ragnar as much as possible.

German Shepherds have beautiful bushy tails.

I wouldn't be the same without you.

I think we have to make a decision.

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This is accurate.

We all live on planet Earth.

Could we have a spoon?

I am your friend.

The snowstorm continued.


I did nothing.

She usually walks to school.

Let's shred your wings into small pieces and throw them away.

Terraforming Mars and Venus became a reality generations later.

Today I went to university to study. Tomorrow I will go again.

You don't really believe that, do you?

Take your seats.


Please give me something cold


Patricio's your father.


The police are investigating the cause of the crash around the clock.

Let's go grab a cup of coffee.

I believe him an American.

We eventually will have to do that.

I took him for his brother.

The burglar locked the couple in the basement.

When I'm stressed, I start cooking for hours.

It's necessary that we all work together to complete this assignment.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

In Japan, relations between neighbors are apt to be cooler than in USA.

Now I'm fairly healthy again.


Quite a few people couldn't recognize him in that disguise.

I need a miracle.

What an interesting party!

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The great critic and poet is lecturing on philosophy.

I haven't read this new novel, and my sister hasn't either.

This is our room.


Computers are complicated machines.

Money is not to be treated lightly. It is like toilet paper: when you need it, you need it badly.

I don't think I can stay.

He prefers French to German.

Isabelle is a bit younger than me.

There won't be enough water for everyone.

She is a beautiful lady.

Water can not be had for nothing here.

Timothy wants to speak to you.

There was a look of appeal in her eyes.

Ragnar couldn't believe that Linda had never listened to Stairway to Heaven.

In difficult times like these, no ordinary degree of effort will get our company out of danger.

He could pass the examination, could not he?


I didn't want to talk to the police.

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The flight was cancelled because of the thick fog.

She won't get scared.

So did you fall from the sky?


We will soon most likely be charged for garbage disposal by how much of it there is.


Leslie reached for the microphone.


He just ate sushi and drank beer.


You need to find another way out of this situation.

Jun is always hitting me up for money.

He wiped the sweat off his face.


I'm going to think of something.

I have homework to finish.

So far, I've told no one.


Skiing is very fun.

Granville must've been here before.

She did not want to go, but her father made her go.


Erick will be coming to see me tomorrow.


They identified him with God.

You shouldn't be alone.

Cats don't like dogs.

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I guess you get used to it eventually.


Why did you fire us?

Lord doesn't know if he has enough money to buy school supplies.

This is my sandwich.

The majority of voters liked what Roosevelt said.

Do you recognize my voice?

Izchak is still at the house.

Dan didn't even have shoes on.

The old lamp gave a dim light.

Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.

Is it easy to get there?

Anne accepted Henry's proposal.


What is it you hope to buy?

Kenton is really angry right now.

I'm late for class.

We tried to be good.

Do not punish the girl severely; go easy on her.

If he had stayed at home that day, he would not have met with disaster.

Raif is very particular.

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Do you think Connie is hungry?

Maybe it won't make any difference.

I asked Matthew to do it for me.

I fasted.

People need to be aware of their differences, but also embrace their commonness.

Our former home was in Sweden.

He is nasty.

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Come to my office any time.

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Don't forget to turn off the gas before leaving the house.


I knew you'd like that.

Jitendra is pleasant, isn't he?

Galileo discovered that the Milky Way is made of many stars and that the Moon has hills. He discovered four moons in orbit around Jupiter, which are now known as the Galilean satellites.

He's renting the room.

Magnificent sweaters are made from the wool of French sheep.

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She has no children.

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Please get out of the car, sir.

I heard Roger Waters perform The Wall live.

I need to go to the bathroom.

What are they armed with?

Cory was completely surprised by Anatoly's offer.

There's a small brown dog under the table.

Ronni went back into his office.

Toby doesn't usually wear a tie.

I have to translate the sentences.

Don't leave without saying goodbye.

I haven't been doing that recently.

Alf can't come with us.

You'd better do it before Hilda gets here.


He swallowed detergent by mistake.

I'd like to open an account.

Don't ever forget this rule.

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Cheer him up when you see him.


The Giants beat the Lions yesterday.

The nurse substituted for the doctor who caught a terrible cold.

We can't be seen together.

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To understand each other is important.


There is no such thing, sir, as a ghost.


Why are you in my house?

There can only be one winner.

The sands are running out.

The final score was two to nothing.

It's just me who lives with my kids in Urumqi.


These are just crazy ideas.

Murph opened the medicine cabinet, looking for aspirin.

The little boat bobbed on the rough sea.

I sympathize with you.

Rajarshi is really talented.


We're a little pressed for time.

I just turned in my application.

You've still got the touch, Emma.

Put the vegetables in the strainer.

We have so much to talk about.

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I didn't mean to make her cry.


The youth is in love with technology.

It's the coldest region in the country.

Judy fell off the balcony.

Answer in English.

Lenny wants to work at the same hospital where John works.

The police suspect that he was lying.

Don't let appearances fool you.


It's obvious what has to happen.

They were so young.

Both Blair and John are blind.