Yes, bring me gruel.

I'm your friend and I care about you.

I haven't exactly been prudent.

I don't think these guys really want to hear Noemi sing.

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There is a lake on the east of the village.


You should be in charge.


It's good to talk and better to shut up.

Fresh-water fish include some designated as protected species. You're not allowed to catch or buy them.

Sabrina worked all day long.


I'm going to talk to Hein.

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Leon is a heavy tea drinker.

You should call your mother more often.

Would you like that?

Air is a physical substance which has weight.

The man thought he could influence the outcome of the match.


Tell me your phone number and I'll call you back.


My patience is running out.


You have to hold on.

This is the office in which he works.

I'm taking her with me.


Did Jon say what he wanted?

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I just woke up a few minutes ago.

Bear: "It is a happy meeting, dear Leo, for I have not seen you in six whole months."

I looked at Emily's face.

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Don't tell Lori what you've seen here.

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There can be only one queen in the hive.

Everybody here knows that Andrea speaks very good French.

Laughing is really good for you.

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Hui released all the lions of the zoo.


He's a blue blood.


I was so looking forward to that.

Where was Guido Fawkes tortured?

Bryan didn't have time to finish eating.

This movie theater has two floors.

Further study will prove that the theory is right.

The cat was curled up asleep.

Colin's loud snoring kept me awake all night.

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Kathy continued his relationship with that married woman.

Srinivasan wondered what Moore had been thinking about.

I've been a teacher a long time.

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I'm not the one you should be afraid of.

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The Titanic hit an iceberg.

Earn with both hands, spend with one.

Calvin's eyes weren't yet accustomed to the dark, so he couldn't see a thing.

The pencil is on the book.

We're going to find them.

I'm looking for someone who can speak French.

We've heard a lot of nice things about you.


Jerry agreed to go.


I wasn't given enough information.


Vickie doesn't have an appointment.

As soon as she saw me, she started to cry.

I'll get in the pool first.

He seems well acquainted with the history of Japan.

What would Arthur do if I wasn't here to tell him what to do?

I think I should just leave.

I don't know which dress to choose; it's a toss up between the red one and the green one.

He's really sensitive to heat and I'm sensitive to the cold. What should we do about our bedroom?

He studied the scientists considered to be the most significant of the 19th century.


I don't understand. Why do you hang out with her all the time?


The rice crop is poor this year.


I have been dealt four aces.

Gretchen! What the fuck are you doing?

He denounced all forms of dishonesty in government.

This candle is not white.

He refuses formula.

Pascal knew that he would be punished.

In the case of commercial airplanes, private companies compete to sell their product.


We must respect other people's privacy.

You'll miss her.

I'm going to shoot them.

She differs from the others in that she has a goal.

Go and have a look.

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Once there lived an old king in England.

Have fun, but don't get lost.

I took a walk.

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I bought it last night.

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This problem has been debated by many economists.

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Hasn't David done enough damage already?

My car is parked out front.

We went to Boston for a few days.

We were really tight.

I have a strained back.

Didn't you know that Ramesh was married?

My duty is to protect everyone here.

I want you to picture me singing on stage.

I don't believe that there is any evil person in this world.


"I pinched your national pride, I see." "You must have pinched it a long time ago, I can't even remember it."

We sat over a fire.

Bret is no longer with us.

Another world is possible.

If someone wants to sell you their ticket, do not buy it.


There are more than 4000 languages in the world.


It'll be hard to forget you.

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Don't forget the ticket.


I thought I heard somebody enter the room.

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What made you think that you would study French?

It is very hot here in summer.

She had a picture taken with an actor.

Farouk and Margie experienced happy times together.

What were you doing in my room?

Kevin knew that what he was doing was wrong.

Israel's right to exist should not be up for discussion.

She should take into consideration the advice of her mother.

I am fully convinced of your innocence.

My husband damaged a nerve in his neck.

In private, Kobayashi-san told me he liked his women "adventurous." What he calls an adventure I hope to never know.

Mike is in the second year of high school and Ann is too.

Lex and I aren't fools.


He is anxious to know the result of the test.

Matti opened his eyes.

Where did all these people come from?

I'm all better now.

I've been praying for you.

My right hand has fallen asleep.

She is my elder sister.

We did warn you.

My father set the alarm for six o'clock.


You'll feel better in the morning.


Have you known her for a long time?


Are you already married?


He was dismissed on the grounds that he was lazy.

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Nobody was tortured.


I've come a long way to see you.


Mikey is glad it's all over.

I got there as fast as I could.

She could divert herself from the anxieties.


I have a favour to ask you.


Many were slain.

I've heard that you can't alter your destiny.

I'm getting off at the next stop, please keep your seat.

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I have a deadline.

Ahmed thanked Sugih for the bottle of wine she gave him.

Penny seemed anxious.

He rapidly ascended to the top.

For accurate study results questions must be asked verbatim.


I revise my lessons almost every day.

I wanted to try it too.

You're a hard person to find.

They're living in lala-land.

Daren, do you still love me?

Does Kate know that you're doing this?

This is your responsibility. It's not the kind of thing you can laugh off.

I cleared his doubts.

I just wanted to make you proud.

Honesty is very important.

When you start taking medicine it begins working on symptoms, like pain, right away, but that doesn't mean that the ulcer heals right away.

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The number of grains of sand on a beach is calculable.

I don't think you should get married.

I can't believe I forgot about this.

Vic got up and began clearing the table.

The woman is ready.