Rudolf broke down and told Isabelle the truth.

One plane after another took off.


We felt the house shake.


I talk a lot.

Bruno and Christie are good friends, but they aren't dating.

Leo took off his top hat and got into his car.


Did you know that before?

In order to use a computer, you must learn to type.

You can't be too careful these days.

As a matter of fact, bankruptcy is inevitable.

They looked really happy.

They stayed up until dawn.

Can I talk to you about something personal?


When I asked him about it he explained it to me point for point.


I've become friends with Jane.


Mara might be able to fix that.


I heard a great cakery just opened near the station.

Where did you train them?

Can she have broken off with them?

She ignored her for the entire day.

Do you have vegetarian pulao?

Teruyuki didn't want Pim to see him smoking.

The girls were excited.

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He could not comprehend the value of her advice.

I hope Harvey follows your instructions.

Do you think it's normal to come home every evening at 9 o'clock?

But I do like that, mortals.

Those who don't want to go, don't need to go.


If you stop worrying, you might enjoy yourself.

At home I have a Espresso maker.

He came to see me any time he felt like it.

Everyone except Amigo looked tired.

Clay and Anatoly have arrived.

We've done what we came to do.

Gunnar is in no position to argue.


It would be better for you not to ask him for advice.

He has the eyes of a leopard.

The letter will be mailed tomorrow.

Take my hand and look me in the eye.

When I first met Giles, I didn't like him much.


I guess they really weren't so busy.


The plaque has to be removed.


My father died at the age of forty-nine.

You're too polite.

I want to tell everyone.

Nothing like that will happen again.

I ignored their advice.

Suddenly I heard a commotion in the alley and went to see what was going on.

I can't talk to anyone else.

I want this camera.

The teachers looked at her, surprised.

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I don't want to run the risk of losing it.

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These ties are very expensive.

My travel fees to Japan are paid for by the university.

Anton grew up on a farm.

The misery was too much for the readers to keep back their tears.

The princess removed her gloves.

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She really is a miserable girl.

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Did you go inside the cave?

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Leora doesn't understand we're all just God in disguise.

I'm little worried about you.

He cannot tell wool from cotton.

Never tell the truth when a good lie will do.

How much is everything?


Go home now.

I'm intrigued by your challenge.

The summer goods are now on sale.

That was actually easier to do than I expected.

That's going to be difficult.

I can't understand why they're such good friends. They have hardly anything in common.

I'll find someone.

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"What countries are you a citizen of?" "I am a citizen of Turkey and Germany."

Politicians in Japan sometimes get away with doing illegal things.

Even my parents don't like me.

Leo is fascinating and mysterious.

We can get one.


Stuart asked for help.

The baseball stadium was full of enthusiastic fans.

He reproached me for carelessness.


That seems highly unlikely.

This book is not written in English.

Stu has good taste in art.

In Australia, they speak English.

It's a terrible affair.

Being less urgent, this plan is lower in priority.

Come here soon.


Nicolas certainly knows a thing or two about business.

Excuse me, but could you tell me how to get to Central Park?

Sassan isn't that old.

Rolf still drinks, but not as much as he used to.

Who designed these uniforms?

Do you think I want this?

Reflect on your own motives when making a decision.

He attempted to sidestep a conflict with his chief.

She had plenty of acquaintances, but no friends.

Hazel is likely to be cut from the team.

The question is who will do it.

I guess I have no choice.

What country are you in these days?

It's the way that she laughs at herself that endears her to me.

Marc could be dangerous.

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I cannot boil water. There is no gas.

I was sad, but Harv cheered me up.

Starvation and disease were rampant among the lowest classes.

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Donald lost four pounds in body fat.

He is cool, isn't he?

Turkeer opened the door before Rusty had a chance to knock.


They carried on the summit conference till late.

Be careful interpreting indirect translations. Genders may have changed.

Honesty doesn't always pay.

I was at a loss as to how I could lay my hands on the money.

You've told me that a hundred times.


He is a nominee in four award categories.


When I wash dishes, I am all thumbs.

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It's forbidden to use this information commercially.


Can't you stop them?

Everyone turned around.

My sense of self preservation keeps me from jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.

Don't touch what isn't yours.

Don't play around on your way back home.

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I was born on October 10, 1972.

When was the last time you argued with your wife?

It is impossible to speak too severely of his conduct.

I was born on March 3rd, 1996 in Marseille, France.

"I don't like repeating myself." "What?"

Take this medicine after each meal.

You and I'll never see eye to eye.

I wonder what it means.

Don't let that happen.

What is the diagnosis?

It is not impossible.

I need to finish writing my speech.

His car has barely been distinguishable anymore since the accident.

Please leave a message on my answering machine.

We want welfare, not warfare.

Po doesn't know why Tandy wants him to leave.

We'll have our picnic inside if the weather doesn't improve.


Sanche was in the firing line when his boss left it to him to field questions from angry shareholders.

I need an envelope.

I'm getting sick of hearing you complain.


See what you can find.

My throat is parched.

Don't move until I tell you to.

It seemed unlikely that Steven wouldn't come to Justin's birthday party.

My uncle gave me a pair of shoes.


I believe we understand each other.

I'm safe.

Is there something you'd like to do?

To study English is important for young people.

His words gave her hope for the future.

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Jane looks happy.

I'm afraid I won't be able to have lunch with you today.

I'd heard she was too far out for most people.

We were very impressed by his new book.

Something tells me Skip will be OK.

Vikings 1 and 2 became the first space probes to successfully land on the surface of Mars.

Clouds formed in the sky.

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You probably wouldn't understand this.

She doesn't speak my language.

Dan seriously injured a co-worker with his chainsaw.


She went to college to study English.

Had he taken his doctor's advice, he might not have died.

Let's see if Matt can handle that.