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My father is sweeping the garage.


Malus tries to eat a balanced diet.

During the recent trip to America, I made friends with Jack.

He might be young but he's trustworthy.


Is he feeling better today?

I have been here for about three weeks.

She stopped laughing.

She has a very pretty face.

Just because you found the sugarcane sweet doesn't mean you should eat it roots and all.

Why on earth did you sell your newly-built house?

Pravin is ridiculous.

This was on the doorstep.

Are you having a good time tonight?

We'll see her later.

Do you know what we did?

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The long-range forecast says we will have a mild winter.

It looks like Pieter has broken a couple of ribs.

I know you're not ready to deal with this.

How does it work?

I don't think this is a good time to talk to Aimee.


I wish I had more time.

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He contrived a means of speaking to Nancy privately.

You can rely on their coming on time.

A platoon has about thirty soldiers.

I keep dreaming about her.

Please show me on the map.

What is it that you liked about her?

I have to tighten my belt.

I knew we could count on him.

Win didn't think it would be appropriate for John to give Luis a pearl necklace.

Is that your cat?

A few words of Portuguese vocabulary come from the Tupi.


It doesn't make sense to me.

Most of this building's tenants are artists.

Why don't you come over and eat with us this evening?

He was denounced as a coward.

Alright! Ten yuan buys five kilos, OK?

So many things to do, and so little time.

I'd like to live in Boston.

The people were evacuated because of the flood.

For one thing, I am busy; for another, I have no money.

Surprisingly, he was good at singing.

Do you have any pictures of Cory and Jerry together?

Do you know how to contact us?

I've got some money saved up.

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Once elected, I will do my best for all of you who supported me.


The horse, feeling it was finally free, began trotting west.


Please tell me your opinion.

I am quite healthy and have had no cold.

We sit down at the table.

You can't leave without my permission.

We often use them as umbrellas or parasols.

She praised me, saying my English had improved by leaps and bounds.

They said yes.


He used to go to school by bicycle, but now he goes by bus.

He drank hard yesterday.

Do you know how Isidore escaped?


Many stars were shining in the heavens.

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I am at vocational school.

Tell us about your fishing trip.

You'll probably be the first one to show up.

What do you think this could be?

To turn a disaster into an opportunity.

She stacked the trays in the cupboard.

The plane is about to take off for Paris.

It wasn't Kirk who betrayed us.

The dog chases the cat, and the cat chases the squirrel.

She idolized him.

Where are your pictures?

Well, they say bad news travels fast.

Phiroze promised never to be late again.

Franklin is interested in French music.

What you lack is stamina.

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I want to do my job the best I can.

A bank lends us money at interest.

Amy is from the same village that I'm from.

I ate scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast.

You're tempting fate.

I'll go back to work tomorrow.

He had to send them a grovelling letter.

I don't know yet what we'll do.

The following day he was found dead in the bedroom.

Let me congratulate you on your engagement.

What he said is, in a sense, true.

This isn't my umbrella. It's someone else's.

I don't like sweet drinks.

This company's CEO is a woman.

It really is quite late.

Wrap tape around the pipe.

Do you have any good ideas?

Clarissa bought a present for Patty.

Sharon passed by me.

We talked for hours on the phone.

No one knew who she was.

Diana is waiting outside.

I want to travel to the moon.


I'm afraid your guess is off the mark.

Why did you marry her?

Mother, I'm sorry for causing you trouble all the time.

We lived in the country for many years.

Write clear and unambiguous texts!


We wouldn't go if it rained.


We should always obey laws.

Ken is a good swimmer.

Her hands were as cold as ice.

That was certainly a surprise.

Jun dozed off in class.

He asked us to be quiet.

Waiting for Kate, I saw Bob and John.

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That kid kept crying for hours.

Other restaurants serve chicken without anything that makes it stand out.

These pipes screw together.

You have enough on your mind without worrying about my problems.

Spencer plans to fight.

The Prime Minister will go on the air tomorrow.

Lila isn't on the volleyball team.


What's Lum going to do tomorrow?

Virginia rode about the lanes on her pony, accompanied by the young Duke of Cheshire.

We'll begin when you're ready.


It's all mine.

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Herbert is one of the tallest guys I know.

His statement corresponded to what actually took place.

I'm not really sure.

Varda still looks doubtful.

That's not why I'm here.

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Adam slid into the seat next to Sid.

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It's balmy today.

It looks like him.

The outcome leaves nothing to be desired.


I am uncomfortable in these new shoes.

The climate here is generally mild.

I think Orville is the person who painted that picture.

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It is easy for you to solve this problem.

We used to buy these by the case.

Kozue has never given way to despair in her life.

Who's their mother?

Sue has a big bottom, but she doesn't care.

I found out what's wrong with Everett.

Cindy isn't ready to leave.

There's something I need to do.

She's wearing a hat.

My Administration will take appropriate action, consistent with law and policy, to disclose information rapidly in forms that the public can readily find and use.

My father always reads the newspaper before breakfast.

This book is a must for every student studying English.

I have shaved and cut myself.


Our mothers are strong women.

Don't you tend to get carsick?

All the world loves a lover.

I don't believe that Dennis can speak French.

You'll never make a Sherlock Holmes out of me.


Kay remembered where he put his keys.


Marcel walked down the street without looking either left or right.

There are plenty enough reasons for me to resign.

Our plane is thirty minutes late.


I have to get home before it gets dark.

No pets are allowed in that apartment house.

If I had known, I would have done it.

Alison liked beautiful women. He also liked expensive wine and fast sports cars.

Are you intentionally trying to confuse me?

Leon is using the blowlamp.

He knows no foreign language except English.

Vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

You must take this medicine, whether you like it or not.

Politics is the drilling of very thick planks.

She's my great-grandmother.

She doesn't have many friends in this town.

His jokes didn't come off.

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Hey, do you know it's my birthday today?

Come and see me the day after tomorrow.

This is a mistake students are apt to make.