You've done that.

This could take a while longer.


What did they say first?

I took off my sweater because it got warmer.

Can anybody come with me to a Lady Gaga concert?

The elder gods are waking up.

Kenneth is more sympathetic to me than Jesus is.

Fortunately, Kylie Minogue healed.

Earl is into zoophilia.


We should go talk to her.

Leaving the train station, I saw a man.

The meeting will begin at 6:00 and dinner will be served at 7:00.

You never learn, do you?

Who's going to be there?

I've got plenty of time.

It was fortunate that he was taken to a nearby hospital right away after the accident.

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I have no place that I can say I'm from.

After running up so many flights of steps, she was completely out of breath.

I never did figure out how to do that.

I don't really have any plans.

Dan went outside to see what Linda was doing.

You don't seem to be having any problem.

Imogen of the Internet is translating the works of Shakespeare into her own secret language, which completely consists of animated GIFs from the 90s.

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I know this part of the city well.


You must begin with books like these that are easily understood.

Why don't you talk to us now?

Sorry about the mess.


He succeeded, not because he made efforts, but because he happened to be lucky.


I didn't learn anything.


I killed them both.

Before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times.

Sekkura is a qualified chef.

She scolded her son for being out until late.

Which one of you two is in charge?

Loukas has some advice for us.

Jelske sent money to his daughter to Boston.

It's not nearly as cold today as I thought it was going to be.

At four o'clock, they arrived at the hotel.

Brooke's efforts to open a clothing store went up in smoke.

We've really hit it off.


Try to pull out the worm by turning it around with a match stick.

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He jumped into the water with a splash.

The class was divided into four groups.

We were very careful.

That was unpleasant.

He's helping me.

Isn't it a pity that Alastair and Murph can't get along with each other?

He slept until ten o'clock.

Are you helping Metin?

Cole and Saiid entered the classroom at the same time.

May I go there with Masao, Father?

I think we've waited long enough.


Lawrence left early.


Try to keep from crying.

Ahmet should definitely start worrying about losing his job.

Maarten and I are both happy to help.


He glanced at the noisy child with a sour expression.

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She may well be proud of her smart son.

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Art enjoys gardening.


He kept on crying.

That which is easily acquired is easily lost.

I'm not telling you to go alone.

We've got to get rid of this stuff.

I didn't go to school.

Is it difficult work?

Revised often takes long showers.


Do you often go to see plays?

I thought that's what we needed.

I've had an extraordinary day.

I really do wish you'd leave.

Randolph wasn't invited.


All this is, of course, highly suspicious.


This character represents Scotland.

With the years, a fool doesn't become cleverer, but becomes an old fool.

There was a row of about 20 stalls at the fair.

When you have food allergies, eating out is difficult, isn't it?

Dan didn't even want the present.

Melanie is studying right now.

That seems to be a reasonable assumption.

I wonder why there's school even when it's this cold.

Angela, may I have some money?


All of you look healthy.


We've got a lot of things that need to be fixed.

He surpasses his rivals in all ways.

He stayed in Nagano throughout the summer.

The cochlea implant is a technically ingenious device.

I'm going to go complain about the noise.

During the Renaissance, Florence was one of the greatest cities in the world.

She couldn't convince him to ride a horse.

The town was full of activity.

The students didn't know how they should answer.

He married an actress.

He went in place of me.

Dan and Linda began to have sex.

Knudsen writes a letter to his mother every week.

I told Dominic not to go into the cave.

I didn't see that.

Have you found what you were looking for?

I can't seem to get warm. I've been cold all day.


This explanation sounds confusing.


Maybe I could go with you.

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This is the zeroth law.

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Pete is bound to succeed this time.

No sooner had she caught sight of me than she started running in my direction.

Some people believe in ghosts.

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The patient will soon recover from his illness.

The United States is the country that enlightens the world with its ideals of freedom. Political assassinations, military coups, invasions, bombings and torture are all undertaken by the United States in order to make the world a better place.

That feels so good.

Trey said you'd know.

Let's make sure.

We've all done it.

If you don't eat, you'll get sick.

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Harv is the only one who knows how anything works.


Ricky said he had been busy.

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She found her first gray hair.

Don't go anywhere without her.

Take good care of yourself.

Tell me what you know.

Carlo has been very respectful.


I can't confirm this.

What makes you think that Louiqa will listen to me?

Do you want gruel?

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Because this is such a highly technical subject, I would like to point out in advance the likelihood that some of what I'm about to say may include information that is incorrect.

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My kid brother is twelve.

Then he ended by doing what all boys do, when they have no heart and little brain.

Speaking in French is fun.


You don't need to go at once.

It made me forget about my problems.

We don't have a long time.


This dictionary can also help you.

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Talk to us.

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Have you noticed the similarity in pronunciation between the Polish and Portuguese languages?

We'll be right down the hall.

We hope Andre sticks around for a couple of weeks.

Tovah jumped back into the pool.

No, I cannot believe what you say.

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It seems that the door was knocked down.

Malus arrived at 2:30 and Carol arrived a short time later.

I want to take it apart.

His family really loves watching television every day.

I'd like to find somebody to take care of my children.


Vince smiled at me and we began to talk.

If we don't do something, Novorolsky is going to die.

Wash the wound with soap and water.

A bee flew out of the window.

Marcia couldn't put up with Kristi any longer.


We're newcomers.


As I was going up the stair // I met a man who wasn't there // He wasn't there again today // I wish that man would go away.

They're insane.

She does not know how to ski.

Let's keep thinking about the best way to get this done.

Phillip slammed the door behind him.

That factory makes toys.

She slowly lost hope.

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What is the percentage of overseas markets for your products?

I think we should talk to her.

I went to the drug store to buy some cough medicine.


It was near the river that I lost my way.