The package will arrive in London on August 17.

I can hardly imagine him going abroad.

Collin contacted the authorities.

I got one from Amigo, too, but not for free.

Molly's crying.

This season of Survivor! is starting off even better than I expected.

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Where in Austria did you grow up?

Siping is angry with you.

Is the castle open today?

Dion claims he knows nothing about Rajarshi.

I've had a tough afternoon.

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Ye speak.

We glutted ourselves with lobsters and other seafood.

I hope you understand.

We've got to shake him up.

He has played his card out of turn.

I should have studied my French seriously.

Minsk is the capital of Belarus.


This is a no-swimming zone.

Nobody will find that treasure.

A terrible thing has happened.

I like neither of the pictures.

Why do you think that was?

This couch is not comfortable.

I promise that I will be here tomorrow.


I think Susan just lied to me.

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I'm going to run.

How did you become wealthy?

There are some people who like the word "tad" a lot.


Do you need any food?

Stanley discussed with Kay a plan to rob the bank.

She told the joke with a straight face.

Yokohama is one of the largest cities in Japan.

This fluid can be substituted for glue.


The news was very surprising to her.


Are you cops?

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The hole in his sock is so big that you can see his ankle.


Liber bought it for me.


Nate knows he has no choice.

Are you the medical examiner?

Paul can do it if he tries.

Don't sleep with the light left on.

A place like that is not really appealing.

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I feel a chill seeing the blizzard outside.

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Mom spread the table.

The guests were waited on by a highly trained team of young staff.

She walked away without saying good bye.

With that performance, you have surpassed yourself. Congratulations!

The problem has arisen from your ignorance of the matter.

I associate with him in business.

Bobbie protested.

She wants to move out and find a place of her own.

She has a ring.

Shuvra has other things to worry about.

Tell Glen for me, OK?

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Time is running out.

He has only one aim in life, to make money.

Belinda is a good carpenter.

How did you get back so soon?

Both guys laugh.

If he had left at ten, he would have arrived here by now.

They went skiing in the mountains.


Justin and her family came to the railway station to see us off.

I saw Roberta getting into a dark blue van.

I didn't make you a cripple.

Put them on the baking pan and smear them with egg whites.

Everyone has something that's troubling him.

Have you seen anything?

Do you see a mountain of gold?

I'm doing this for them.

Patricio is in the bathroom brushing his teeth.

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Pratap never told us that Miek was his girlfriend.

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The boy riding a bicycle is my brother.

I'll grab a taxi and be right there.

Are they displayed all through the year?


Hands off.

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Nicolette doesn't seem very happy today.


I can assure you everything has been taken care of.

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No, Chinese dishes are the best.

Do you want to learn to play guitar?

I talked with Jacob for over an hour before he said something that made me realize he wasn't a native speaker.

I let her win.

Those finished what he was doing and then came over to talk to us.

I have one thousand dollars in travelers' checks and five hundred in cash.

We don't know what Jesus looked like.

We buy a lot of material in the summer because there's nobody around.

Amy, you should marry him!


Vicki jumped at the chance.


This bridge is the longest bridge.

The immediate cause of his failure was lack of study.

The Belgians were the strongest of all the Gauls.

He has more books than he can read.

What the teacher said encouraged Kieran to study harder.


She chatted with her friends about the football game over coffee.

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I'd like to see him tomorrow afternoon.

Tell the maid to make the beds.

Every man cannot be happy.

You shouldn't have eaten so much ice cream.

All the arrangements were made by Ted.

I hope this works.

Not only are there good stores at the market, but there are good restaurants as well.

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Iron Arm Atom protected the country from danger.

Does your car have a spare tyre?

Serdar is already standing.


I studied really hard in order to pass the exam.

Pratapwant wants to be a tattoo artist.

What's your purpose in visiting this country?

Tony jogs every day.

I am a poor sailor, so I don't like to travel by boat.

In general, she doesn't eat very much.

You can go anywhere you want.


So that's how it is!


Well, what happened to her?

I want you to talk to us.

Will you take care of the children while I'm out?

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That's what's causing your hives.

I've never had sushi.

It's possible Vance isn't there anymore.


Our calculations show that the rocket is off its course.

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Bill made me a nice dress.

Do you think Sonja wears smart clothes?

He practised the natural defence style.


That's the offer.

Gary put his arms around Willie and hugged her tightly.

Rake the leaves into piles and we'll burn them.

This man's wealth is big, but his madness is even bigger.

It was hard to persuade him to cancel the trip.

Carl worries a lot about money.

Should this be allowed?

Something unexpected has happened.

Harold should've helped Daryl with her homework.

Nobody could've guessed it.

Moore has tiny hands.


I've never kept a diary.

I have no time to waste.

Granville looks busy today.

They walked down the beach, holding hands.

"Shall I have him call you when he gets back?" "Yes, please."

Wherever he arrived, he was accepted as a friend.

All things considered, I'd rather be in Boston.

Not every student has a dictionary.

Where should we go next weekend?

He speaks English and French.

He threw mud at me and made me dirty.

He is weak on names.

He was chosen out of a number of applicants.

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Every time I see Raghu, he's chewing gum.

You were loved by this person because of your wealth.

Is it popular?

Send Philippe a note.

I watched them destroy the old building.

You sure are lazy, aren't you?

Scot wants to ask you to come over to dinner.

We must all take care to preserve our national heritage.

I couldn't go out on account of the bad weather.

Reinhard had never been to Boston.

Your father would have been very proud of you.

If a tiger suddenly appeared in front of me, I'd be scared to death.

E-cigarettes are being promoted as a healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but health authorities are concerned about the long-term health effects on users.

The plan is not yet finalized.

I wanted to be with him and that is why I left my friends from the background.

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Conrad had an accident.

Greg never returned.

Stop it, Bruce.