How could you be so cruel?

Charles was obviously a rich man.

He puts his money in the bag.

We could all have lunch, if you'd like.

My father is in the garden now.

Strike while the iron is hot.

Lynn spent the whole morning with Giles.


I wonder who they are.


She hates speaking in public.

What a beautiful rainbow!

Don't make such a noise here.


What's the fastest way out of here?

The Vice-President transmitted the message by radio.

The new secretary types faster than the old one.

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I woud risk my life for a good cause.

Actions are more important than words.

Green does not go well with purple.

Leave Brent out of this.

Sugih often goes fishing.

This hat is too tall.

John, who was notably thin, made an effort to find a job that would pay his rent.

Does this happen often?

I even wrote a letter to them.

Let's talk about your job.

I hope you can make it to our party.

"How are you?" "Very well. Like a mouse in a Parmesan cheese."

That is the most I can do.


Where's your father?

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Markus had to go to the hospital.

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Dale's favorite movie is Brokeback Mountain.

I cannot lick my fingers. I'm not a cat.

We know where Rajesh is.


Three shots were heard.


I told him that.

My uncle now lives in comfort.

Fashion is a fickle mistress.

We've been expecting him.

This is the neighborhood where I lived when I was younger.


Please put a stop to this nonsense.

Who took me here?

The apples are not quite ripe.

Your wonderful lecture was pearls before swine.

Do I need to go to the dentist's?

Eddie knows how to have fun.

I finally understand what you tried to tell me.

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Can't I get any privacy around here?

Enjoy your day.

I had a splitting headache.

He tore the photographs into pieces.

My dream is to speak Chinese fluently.

We laid the injured man on the grass.

I only heard three chimes.

I don't know if I still have it.

The runner collapsed as he reached the finish line. Had he reached the limits of the human body?

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Piercarlo tried to help Angela.

Sergei apologized for his actions.

Are you going to kiss Tai?


Were you asleep?

I only wish I were able to help.

How did you get Floyd to go out with you?

My mother goes to the market every day to buy things.

The hare hid behind the tree.

Visitors are welcome.

My cat ate a part of the rebate check.


You better hide somewhere.

I don't need anybody's permission.

I'll make this a special case, but try to keep it short.

She's very lonely.

Why would I tell them that?

You made me cry.

That would help.

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Do you see that man? He's my husband.


I might be able to fit that in my schedule.

I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with Lori.

I need to reread this report.


The girl in a white uniform took my temperature.

I've never seen any of you before in my life.

She is very talented.

You hurt a man.

He's a lone wolf.

Don't be angry with me, for I did it for your sake.

He may come, or he may not.


Minorities are confronted with many hardships.

Just listen to me.

I don't know anything about riding horses.

I haven't seen her in months.

I didn't even recognize Spock.


Ed doesn't pay much attention to nutrition.

Everything's free.

Sofoklis didn't frighten me.


Please put a comma between the two main clauses.

Please explain it more simply.

Have you ever been there?

Were you scolded by your teacher?

I suppose you love Julianto.


He scrunched down in his seat so that I wouldn't see him.


They won't detect anything out of the ordinary.


What color do you get if you mix blue and yellow?

Somebody tried to kill them.

Taking drugs is worse than smoking.

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John had cleaned the house when I came home.


Just let me do all the talking.

Who knows what all this will come to.

Do you like copyrights as much as I do?

He will get well soon.

You got us evicted.

The French language is rich in synonyms.

The president made a statement on the issue.


Even though Dwayne's in his forties, he still lives at home with his parents.


Look at these numbers.


That was perfectly normal.

I still don't do so well in crowds.

The mouse sure knows where the cheese is located.

I want what you owe me and I want it now.

There were 30 witnesses.

I think Mick came here to tell us something important.

North Africans are more or less like Italians. We're all people who live around the Mediterranean Sea and we share many cultural traits.

Church leaders denied the accusation.

Your duty is to save your country from a foreign invasion.


Jeanne bought himself a new toothbrush.

"Why are you studying English so hard?" "To be an English teacher."

Jeremy doesn't look well.


I should've asked him first.

I should be, I have been skating since I was five years.

I will tell him the news as soon as I see him.

A man's worth lies in what he is rather than what he has.

She is full of good intentions.

I think Margaret has the right to meet his birth parents.

Rafael is a late riser.

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How am I to pay such a debt?


The player won the championship three times in a row.

How would we do that?

This water is sterilized.

I refuse to choreograph such a hideous and immoral production.

When was your last meal?


I don't claim to be anything else.

Don't make noise.

That's not the goal.

Without doubt, what people worship first is what they see most often; for example, the animals that had the closest connection to people's lives, like the horse, the cow, the sheep, the rooster, the dog and so on.

Niall said he'll look after me.

The greater part of the guests were foreigners.

Gabriel locked himself in his bedroom and turned off the light.

We'll start at nine tomorrow.

It's something I'm proud of.


Mr White teaches us English.

They are more active at night.

That's a lot!

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You can't do that to them.

Please print only if necessary and recycle.

He walked back and forth on the street.

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We missed Theo so much.

What do you expect in return?

Evan won't trouble us again.


I don't want to ruin your day.

I've wanted to tell her that I love her for a long time now.

Her voice carries well.


"No," the shopkeeper replied. "I'm quite serious. You saw the price tag."


They can't stop it.

She came round to the idea of watching TV.

I assure you I did not do it purposely.