I don't want to learn words without context.

We need to discuss this with the director tete-a-tete.

Where's the telegraph office?

Don't let that happen.

The war's been going on for years.

People who dream of mass destruction think that society hasn't constructed anything worthwhile.


Dan was left behind at the gas station.

He dwelt on the pleasure of the past.

Don't you speak Tatoeban?

Monolingualism is like a disease as it leads to ethnocentrism and culture isolation. But this disease can be cured.

I needed you and you came.


Exactly where are we going?

I'm not going to name names.

Julia doesn't want to have any more children.

It's a small town. Everyone knows everyone.

It was proposed that the term "blind person" be replaced with the term "visually impaired person".

I will buy a new car next month.

It was painful.

In Texas, murder is a crime punishable by death.

The new job challenged his skill.

This is a very complex problem.

Do you have change for a fifty?


I like to translate Charlotte's sentences.

I hear you're good at playing the banjo.

This knowledge can be used both for good or evil.

Pratt said that you'd be too busy to help us.

It seems obvious to me.

Janos has things on his mind.

I'm already full, thank you.


Excuse me, but will you tell me where to change trains?


This dog is taught to bark at strangers.

Can we see her now?

I don't know why you didn't tell me immediately.


Do you have any foreign books?


Clean yourself up, Juliane.

It isn't unusual at all.

Are you guys still dating?

Add six and four and you have ten.

Gunter referred to the map.

I bought a shirt yesterday.

Suresh walked Nici to the door and she left.


I'm not afraid of death, but I prefer not to be here when it occurs.

No one can foresee how that result will turn out.

She is used to handling this machine.

The seeds of that tree are yellow.

Are you sure there's nothing else to drink?

We're coming to pick her up.

The river is shallow at this point.

He has a sharp eye for jewels.

Many readers will get lost if your writing is too prolix.

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You had a stroke, didn't you?

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Why can't you stay?


Homeschooling is still illegal in Germany.

Clark Kent is the hero of the Superman stories.

I don't suppose you're going to let me go there by myself.

Are you still in love with your wife?

Do you really want to get married?

I went out for a walk.

It's a distraction.

Mara can't blame this on us.

Debbie is having trouble keeping up with the rest of the class.

He was thrown in prison for robbery.

Tatoeba is a translation website.

Kolkka wouldn't be at the bank this time of day.

Persons with special skills can easily get jobs.

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Arne isn't very good at concealing his feelings.


Smartphones would have seemed like science fiction ten years ago.


Get in and drive.

Have you heard about the accident?

I've decided not to study French.

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They had to strive against natural calamities for ages.

The truth doesn't need many words.

I wish he had gotten a hit in the bottom half of the seventh inning.


It's important to be able to drive a car these days.

I want what you owe me and I want it now.

We need to fix this problem.

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Mott will probably be late for work this morning.


You should do your best to carry out your promises.

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This is a well-formed vase.

I'm not as lucky as you.

I believe that story.

We go to Mario's house every Saturday.

She isn't old enough to get a driving licence.


Don't think I won't hurt you.

She's not interested in her English lessons.

Don't hit the wrong button.

We exchanged glances with each other.

There was a different kind of atmosphere in the headquarters.

OK, this next! The combination of this and this might be way sexy!

Who can help me?

All that happened without me knowing about it?

A good result is in prospect.

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You like to feel cash with your fingers, so you think money's more real.

Max can't make up his mind whether to get a job or to go to college.

Lunch is on.

Didn't your parents give you anything?

I like the smell of freshly-baked bread.

Thad has a weak stomach.

About fifteen people showed up.

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We're full.


Could you please zip up my dress?


To defend the city, they built an elaborate system of tunnels of their own.

You can't just answer emails from people you don't know.

Please be careful.

I waited forever, and finally, John came.

Nate looks weaker.

Here's looking at you, kid.

I'd like permission to borrow your car.

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It's still too early to talk about this now.

Let me see that again, Don.

She speaks Chinese.


Joseph is not a very good climber.

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She danced in tune with my piano-playing.

Self-praise is no recommendation.

What exactly are we looking for?

I think it's no big deal.

The money has been put to good use.

I had a checkup the week before last.

Do those insects sting?

Don't you feel the house shaking?

We're not in high school anymore.

Why doesn't Pratap like Boston?

I can't stop coughing.


No one is innocent.

It doesn't matter what I think.

This rope is sturdy.

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I've been with Amy ever since.

The chair is not near the window.

This park lends itself to recreation.

She did two washes today.

I want to hear your version of what happened.

There's a body in the trunk of the car.

My nose is really stuffed, so I can't smell anything coming from the kitchen.

Jews, Christians and Moslems, we all are children of God.

Leung insisted on staying and helping us clean up after the party.

Don't touch that dial.

Did she go to that concert?

He is a Londoner by birth.

Describe that accident in detail.

I don't have hobbies, except for football.

I should study now, but I prefer staying on Tatoeba.

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Think didn't attend Deb's funeral.

Chuck ironed his pants.

I don't think I need to do anything today.

Jan pretended not to know Panacea's email address.

He is to phone me this afternoon.


Stacey is a sweetie pie.

The accountant was blamed for the mistake.

Novo can't play the drums all that well.

I'm doing some history research and would like to ask you a few questions.

Samuel can't take this any longer.


The plate is dirty.


Please tell me everything you know about that.

It is necessary that we make a reservation in advance.

You have to give up sports for a while.

Old and young, we are all on our last cruise.

The cold air revived Johan.

You're told to go.

Each person's share of the expenses for the party is 4000 yen.

He came all the way to talk over a problem with me.

The house is very old. It needs repairing before you sell it.

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She looked around the room.

The object of waging a war is always to be in a better position in which to wage another war.

Dan had a string of tickets for speeding.

She's over her head.

I cannot take a picture of this building. It's forbidden.