Having put his room in order, he went out.

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Graham did a nice job there.

The festival was not well organised.

An abundance of rice was produced last year.


I had never felt more alone than at that time.

They have had no rain in Africa for more than a month.

I'll do anything Roxanne wants me to do.

What does your dad do?

This is a question of conscience.

I don't like to sing in public.

There was a large harvest of peaches last year.

I once read an interesting anthology of poetry generated by a computer program in 1984.

"Vasya Pupkin" sounds much worse than "John Doe", and it does not mean quite the same thing, either.

The car is waxed every other day.

I feel bad about the way things happened.

She was depressed.

Think, - and you will be able to calm down.

Per could tell Dwayne was interested.

My dad's friend was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease.

John was not at home, as is often the case with him.

Sofia is just the man I've been looking for.

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I was not mistaken: the old man did not refuse the glass he was offered.

Do you have a pencil about you?

Ten million yen will be enough for the project.


When should I start?

Sentences on Tatoeba are like microbes. There are useful ones, but there are also harmful ones.

I have two eyes.

That isn't the case.

Stop. This is not funny.

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You'll have to modify the height of the table to make it fit.

The consequence was that she lost her job.

Patty exposed her back to the sun on the beach.

Why don't you ask your teacher for advice?

That joke isn't funny.

If you must, you must.

It is generally hard to adapt to living in a foreign culture.

Rudolph currently faces charges of aggravated assault.

You wouldn't have change for a hundred, would you?

If I don't tell Marsha, who will?

How does this bear on my future?


I felt as if I were dreaming.

I'm almost done here.

Maybe Jerry said something he shouldn't have.

I swear, I'm having way too much fun.

Eddie is catching on.

In Boston, they were all congregationalists.

Why did Ralf have to come back?

Christophe is more than willing to help.

I know it's here somewhere.

I wasn't born yesterday!

I wonder why Geoff turned down that job.


No mountain in the world is higher than Everest.


According to the weather forecast, it's supposed to snow tomorrow.

Griff accepted the assignment.

I've got to go to the office for a few hours today.


It seems to me that, apart from native speakers, nobody translates Russian sentences, and that's sad.

I'm using a bowl and a spoon.

Suzanne was spot on.

Cacti are plants that live in dry places.

I've never wanted to be anything else but a teacher.

Have you guys been up all night?

She has altered the way she does her hair.

Bernard's prediction was accurate.

How is this phrase to be interpreted?

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May you enjoy good health.


Graham sent me his picture.


I'm a high school graduate so I am that much able to answer high school problems and such.

I'm feeling so much better now.

It wouldn't have been able to have been done.

He meant it.

Where's Alfred sleeping?

He is always throwing his weight around.

Henry is sleeping.

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Can you believe that October is almost over?


I like French, but I cannot speak it well.


I want a book in Swedish.


This is the wrong way!

How old is your uncle?

Tuan is an entertainer.

I am reading a letter.

I don't think I have enough time to do that.

A half-naked couple was dancing frenetically in the middle of the square.

Let's talk about your school.

Frederic Chopin wrote his first composition when he was seven years old.

It isn't me Kristian has a problem with.

This is the house which was designed by a famous architect.

I'm sorry. I came late.


Do you want to go sky diving?

Root stole my idea.

I always liked mysterious characters more.


We better be going.

What is the difference between an all-you-can-eat convenience store and an ordinary grocery store in Germany?

That's not true! You're lying!


How long would you say they've been there, Vickie?

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Who would want to kill her?

Tollefsen held the gun to his head.

I am waving at her, but she's not looking.


You sent medicine from your pharmacy.

Everyone got into the car.

Rosetta will try to land on a comet in a few hours.


Roger traveled from town to town in the west.

I don't really want to go swimming.

Do cats meow?

He hung his coat on a hook.

What papers do you take in?

You didn't tell me what she had written about this occurrence.

What do you do for relaxation?

I was planning to do my homework, but I fell asleep.

There was never this much snow before.

The body of a recruit has been exhumed for a second post-mortem.

I've been kidnapped before.

I can't get her out of my mind.

Getting rest had a wonderful effect on him.

He had the boldness to ignore my advice.

If you look hard enough, you'll find what you're looking for.


I wonder what Fred and Paula have in common.

I expected more.

When I got there, the house was on fire.

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You do not have to take your umbrella with you.

It'll take some time, but I think we can patch things up.

That's not really my thing.

Po wrapped a towel around her head.

Gypsy's nipples became erect.

You have a great laugh.

Vasilissa was the greatest beauty in the whole village.

That sounds pretty good.

Sedovic had to tell his brother that he couldn't afford to attend his wedding.


When spring arrives, I'm going to take up a new sport.


This weather is not good for the crops.

There's no point in being nervous.

She broke the cup, too.


That black dog sees a white cat.


In Japan the school year begins in April.

No one will ever find out.

How long did you know Evan?

Such trouble stems from carelessness.

Such languages as Russian, Polish, Czech and Bulgarian have common Slavic roots.

The photograph brought back memories of my childhood.

I just want your love.

My health is none the better for my exercise.

I trust Henry completely.

Her body was already in the water from the waist down.

That is to say, their behavior seems to be against the rules made by adults.

The man who shot McKinley was Leon Czolgosz.

The teacher called the students in alphabetical order.

In urban planning, infill is the use of land within a built-up area for further construction.

Hey, that smells good.

Pontus handed Jos a bottle of pills.

I can't do without her help.

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She shouted at the top of her voice.

I don't know what the message of "Lost" is, but I know what Twitter's is: everyone wants to be important.

Can you speak more slowly?

Owls are supposed to be very wise.

Work and play are words used to describe the same thing under differing conditions.

Give Eric some room here.

Juha is interesting, isn't he?

Norbert was frustrated.

I need to find people to chill with.

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I'll take care of the dog while you are out.


Is this not a good time?

Compared with his father, he is lacking in depth.

Lorien is known for that.

I didn't know you were hurt.

My strong point is my philosophy - nothing ventured nothing gained.

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I bought this sweater yesterday.

Pim said he wouldn't mind waiting for us.

Are you with the FBI?